fivethirtyeight Unreleased

fivethirtyeight 0.6.1 2020-08-05

  • Changed all vignette code to no longer dynamically read data off the web, per CRAN policy on internet access. All relevant outputs and figures are now hard coded.

fivethirtyeight 0.6.0 2020-08-03

  • Wide to long/tidy data format in data examples now done with tidyr::pivot_longer() instead of tidyr::gather()
  • Added new data sets:
    • By Natalia Iannucci @niannucci: media_mentions_cable, media_mentions_online
    • By Marium Tapal @mariumtapal: state_index, state_words
    • By Lizette Carpenter @lcarpenter20: cabinet_turnover
    • By Irene Ryan @ireneryan: castle_solutions, castle_solutions_2, castle_solutions_3
    • By Alina Barylsky @abarylsky: dem_candidates
    • By Rana Gahwagy @ranawg:quasi_winshares
    • By Danica Miguel @danicamiguel: raptor_by_player,raptor_by_team
    • By Sunni Raleigh @sunniraleigh: wwc_2019_forecasts, wwc_2019_matches
    • By Anna Ballou @aballou16: foul_balls
    • By Jane Bang @Janebang: nba_draymond
    • By Jordan Moody @jormacmoo: fight_songs
    • By Kara Van Allen @kvanallen: nba_elo, nba_elo_latest
    • By Jessica Keast @jkeast: nba_all_elo
    • By Fatima Keita @fatimak98: impeachment_polls
  • Marium Tapal @mariumtapal created fivethirtyeightdata package using drat package to store large files. This is due to CRAN package size restrictions:
    • When installing fivethirtyeight user is now prompted to install fivethirtyeightdata
    • Moved all user-contributed vignettes to fivethirtyeightdata to keep package size down
    • Moved the following large datasets to fivethirtyeightdata
    [1] "castle_solutions"           "castle_solutions_2"
    [3] "castle_solutions_3"         "comic_characters"
    [5] "goose"                      "house_district_forecast"
    [7] "mayweather_mcgregor_tweets" "mlb_elo"
    [9] "nba_all_elo"                "nba_carmelo"
    [11] "nba_elo"                    "nfl_elo"
    [13] "quasi_winshares"            "raptor_by_player"
    [15] "raptor_by_team"             "ratings"
    [17] "senators"                   "spi_matches"
    [19] "twitter_presidents"

fivethirtyeight 0.5.0 2019-07-31

  • Added vignette corresponding to Technology Innovations in Statistics Education paper
  • Removed tidyverse from DESCRIPTION Depends, Imports, or Suggests fields
  • Added state_info data frame of state name, abbreviation, US census division/region
  • Added state_abbrev variable to hate_crimes dataset so that users can plot state abbreviations via geom_text(aes(label = state_abbrev)) instead of using less informative geom_point()
  • Given CRAN package size restrictions, the following datasets only consist of a preview of the first 10 rows of the entire dataset: comic_characters, goose, house_district_forecast, mlb_elo, nba_carmelo, nfl_elo, ratings, senators, and spi_matches. Code to load the entire dataset are provided in the respective help file examples.
  • Added new data sets:
    • By Starry Zhou: august_senate_polls, cabinet_turnover, elasticity_by_district, elasticity_by_state, endorsements_2020, forecast_results_2018, governor_national_forecast, governor_state_forecast, house_district_forecast, house_national_forecast, masculinity_survey, mueller_approval_polls, ncaa_w_bball_tourney, partisan_lean_district, partisan_lean_state, russia_investigation, senate_national_forecast, senate_seat_forecast, trump_lawsuits,

fivethirtyeight 0.4.0 2018-02-11

  • Package website now at
  • Added new data sets:
    • By Meredith Manley: ahca_polls, bachelorette, candy_rankings, chess_transfers, generic_polllist, generic_topline, mayweather_mcgregor_tweets, mlb_elo, ratings, spi_global_rankings, spi_matches.
    • By Maggie Shea: google_trends, nba_carmelo, nfl_elo, nfl_fandom_google, nfl_fandom_surveymonkey, mediacloud_hurricanes, mediacloud_states, mediacloud_online_news, mediacloud_trump, riddler_pick_lowest, sandy_311, senators, tv_hurricanes, tv_hurricanes_by_network, tv_states, trump_approval_poll, trump_approval_trend, trumpworld_issues,trumpworld_polls, twitter_presidents, undefeated
  • Note for now mayweather_mcgregor_tweets, mlb_elo, nba_carmelo, nfl_elo, senators, only include the first 10 rows of the data because of R package file size restrictions (< 5MB tarballs); code to download/process the entire dataset are included in help files. We hope to include full versions of these datasets in v0.5.0 of package using the drat package.
  • Converted all ordinal categorical variables to factor(..., ordered = TRUE). Ex: bechdel$clean_test
  • Vignette notes:
    • Added a vignette that has a link to all user-contributed vignettes, which are only available on development version of package and on GitHub due to CRAN package size restrictions.
    • For all datasets that have a user contributed vignette, add a link to it in the corresponding help/roxygen code file.
  • Added CITATION

fivethirtyeight 0.3.0 2017-08-08

  • Added new and missing data sets: riddler_castles2, antiquities_act, goose, tenth_circuit
  • Added more crowd-sourced vignettes: bob_ross.Rmd, tarantino_swears.Rmd
  • Only main and bechdel vignettes included in package b/c of CRAN package size restrictions. Other crowd-sourced analysis vignettes still available
  • Other minor changes:
    • Fixed levels in bechdel$clean_test and bechdel$test to match hierarchical nature of test

fivethirtyeight 0.2.0 2017-03-15

  • Added new and missing data sets up through February 28, 2017: college_grad_students, college_recent_grads, cousin_marriage, hate_crimes, pres_2016_trail, riddler_castles
  • Added first crowd-sourced vignettes: comics_gender, NBA, trump_twitter
  • Added global help file for package: ?fivethirtyeight with complete instructions
  • Started adding @examples code in help files to convert to tidy data format so that data plays nice with tidyverse tools.
  • Other minor changes:

fivethirtyeight 0.1.0 2017-01-09

  • Included all data sets as of late December 2016. love-actually being the latest
  • Included one code example as a Vignette: bechdel